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Reading Activities

Reading Activities (printable) made for the www.qela.qc.caWebsite

Using a list of words, complete the story so that it makes sense.Are you a Bar-B-Q Genius?© Intermediate+ Answers©

Complete this Food Storage True or False reading activity.
Food Storage©
Intermediate+ Answers©

Reading Activities taken from Internet Resources

What do astronauts eat in space?
Read all about it. Food in Space Advanced

Read news and magazine articles on Food and Drink.
Health Varying levels

Writing Activities

Writing Activities (printable) made for the Website

Food Corner Story Starters are designed to help with creative writing. There are four Food Corner Story Starters to choose from. They can be used for both oral and written expression.
Food Corner Story Starters© Beginner+. Refer to Using Story Starters© Beginner+ to know how to use them.

Use the Food Corner Sentence Ideas Activity Sheet to add words to phrases to write a complete sentence.
Food Corner Sentence Ideas© High Beginner+.

Use the Bon Appétit Activity Sheet to think and write about favourite food dishes. Bon Appétit!© Intermediate+.

Use the Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt Activity Sheet to write down answers to questions about local Grocery Stores.Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt© Beginner+.

Word Keys Activities

Word Keys Activities (printable) made for the Website

Use a dictionary or picture dictionary to find words for different themes.
Cooking Themes© Beginner+ Food Alphabet Themes© Beginner+

Find fruit and vegetable words by filling in the blanks using the vowels A E I O U.
Fruit and Vegetables Vowels© Beginner+ Answers©

Use a dictionary or picture dictionary to find the best action word (verb) for the pictures and write a sentence for each. Put the words in alphabetical order. Kitchen Helpers© Beginner+ Answers©

Note: The following activities range from Beginner to Advanced

Refer to the Using Word Cards© resource sheet to find fun and exciting ways to use the different word cards for this theme. Print the word cards to practice working with words.
Cooking and Preparing Food Word Cards© Things we eat Word Cards©

Refer to the Using Word Lists© resource to find fun and exciting ways to use the different word lists for this theme. The following Word lists corresponds to the Word Cards above. Cooking and Preparing Word List© Things we eat Word List©

Word Keys Activities taken from Internet Resources

Click on the Food and Cooking Dictionary or the Wine Dictionary to search the food dictionary of more than 4,000 food terms or the wine dictionary of more than 3,500 entries. Just type the word or phrase you’re looking for in the box and select the “Find” button. If you’re unsure of a term’s correct spelling, just type in the first few letters. You may also browse through the dictionary by selecting any letter from the alphabet. Food and Cooking Dictionary Wine Dictionary

Click on the Space Food and Beverage Vocabulary List to discover food and beverage vocabulary related to food used during travel into space on the Space Shuttle. Space Food and Beverage Vocabulary List. Print the vocabulary list and click on the following printable Question List: Questions on Space Food and Beverage Vocabulary©

Listening Activities

Listening Activities (printable) made for the Website

Use these dictations to become familiar with the proper spelling of Cooking and Cooking Directions words.
Cooking Dictation© Intermediate+ Cooking Directions Dictation© High Intermediate+

Here is a fun activity to try with a partner or small group. Give exact directions to make a peanut butter and jelly (PB & J) sandwich. You will need paper and pen/pencil to write the instructions. PB & J Following Directions© Intermediate+

Speaking Activities

Speaking Activities (printable) made for the Website

In this Activity Sheet are some topics for sparking discussion about food. Choose a topic and express your opinion or knowledge on the subject. Use the Internet or library to learn more about a topic. Food Discussion Ideas© Beginner+

Speaking Activities taken from Internet Resources

Note: The following activity has a Beginner+ and varying levels

Using the resource Teaching ideas have your students look at these conversation card questions and discuss their thoughts and ideas with a partner. Food

Note: The following activity involves an Advanced levell (reading) and a Beginner+ level (Guided/Oral)

Discover food inventions and food history through a food history timeline. Click on this site to find interesting information about food. Discuss your findings with a partner. Food timeline

Note: The following activity involves an Intermediate+ level (reading) and a Beginner+ level (Guided/Oral)

Select a fast food meal from a popular fast food restaurant to discover the nutritional content.
Discuss the results with a partner. Fast Food Nutritional Information

Interactive Activities

Interactive Activities created with the shareware Hot Potatoes for the Website has no copyrights for them as they can also be used freely on Internet

Note: The following activities are of the level Intermediate+ except Food Shopping (High Beginner+)

Crossword Puzzle Basic Cooking
Fill-in-the-gap Activity Food Shopping
Matching Activity Do You Know Your Herbs And Spices 1? Do You Know Your Herbs And Spices 2?
Multiple-Choice Quizzes How Well Do You Know Your Cooking Terms? Nutrients Quiz
Unscramble-the-Words Activity Fruit and Vegetables

Interactive Activities taken from Internet Resources

Anagram Quizzes
Food Intermediate+ Food Verbs Intermediate+

Flash Hangman Games
Farm Animals and Meat (20) Beginner+ Food and Drinks (48) Beginner+

Flash Spelling Activities (level Beginner+)

Farm Animals and Meat
Food and Drinks

Hidden Word Puzzle Activities (level Intermediate+ except Food – Beginner+)


Listen and Answer Quizzes

Heavenly Pies Restaurant High Beginner+
Restaurant Beginner+
Pizza Intermediate+
Snack Time! Beginner

Multiple-Choice Quizzes (level Intermediate+ except Peanut Butter and Company – Beginner+)

Alcohol and the Heart
Apples Fight Cancer
Street Food Safety
American Diet Studies
Chocolate and the Heart
Rules for Genetically Engineered Food
Anorexia Nervosa
Peanut Butter and Company
Salt-Resistant Tomato

Milk From Cows Intermediate+

Restaurant Beginner+

Puzzle Activities

Puzzle Activities (printable) made for the Website

Note: The following activities are of the level Intermediate+ except Nutrition (Advanced)

Print the puzzle activity sheet to find and circle words from a list.

I’m Hungry©
Measuring Up©
Let’s Get Cooking©
Food, Glorious Food©
Spice it Up©
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