Basic Skills Corner

Reading Activities (printable) made for the Website

Read a story to answer questions for a printable Book Report©Intermediate+. Keep a “log” of the books read. Use a copybook to write the title of the book, the date/s read and comments about the book. Repeat this activity after every book. *Students in a group setting can share their comments and talk about the books they have read.

Print the Comparison Chart© High Beginner+; it can be completed as a post reading activity. Differences and similarities between two books or subjects can be charted after reading. A finished comparison chart can also be used as a pre-writing activity.

Print the Reading Chart© High Beginner+; it is a familiar activity, which is used before, during and after reading. This activity helps set a purpose for reading.

Print and review the Reading Model© High Beginner+ to choose a reading strategy for use with your student. Choose a model based on the reason for reading and the level of difficulty of the reading material. You can use just one model or a combination for your reading activity.

Reading Activities taken from Internet Resources

Read stories on the Story of the Week Varying levels Website

A selection of classic short stories ranging in length from 1,500 to 7,000 words to build reading skills and help expand vocabulary. Choose from over 13 different stories written in upper-intermediate to advanced levels.
Short Stories High Intermediate+

These are short, famous texts in English from classic sources like the Bible or Shakespeare. Some texts have word definitions and explanations to help you. Some of these texts are written in an old style of English. Choose from 30 different stories and levels to build reading skills. English Classic Reading Selections High Beginner+

Writing Activities

Writing Activities (printable) made for the Website

Basic Story Starters are designed to help with creative writing. There are four Basic Story Starters to choose from.Basic Story Starters can be used for both oral and written expression. Basic Story Starters© Beginner+ Refer to Using Story Starters© Beginner+

Alphabet Stories consist of two printable Activity Sheets. In the first, write a story following the order of the alphabet with the first sentence starting with the letter A, the second with B, and so on. In the second, choose a theme and write one sentence starting with each letter of the alphabet. Alphabet Stories© Intermediate+

In the Sentence Ideas printable Activity Sheets, add words to phrases to write a complete sentence.
Sentence Ideas© High Beginner+

In the Library Scavenger Hunt Activity sheet, write down answers to questions about your local library.
Library Scavenger Hunt© Beginner+

Writing Activities taken from Internet Resources

Note: The following activities are of the level Basic.

Alphabet and Capitalization: Did you know the English word “alphabet” comes from the Latin word “alphabetum”? The word “alphabetum” came from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, “alpha” and “beta”.
ABC Order Lowercase Letters Upper and Lowercase Letters

More advanced writing, especially for term papers and essays, requires seeking an extra edge in the writing process. The following course written by Harvard-educated tutors, contains eleven lessons and many example papers. Each of the lessons will help with a different portion of the writing process.
Term Papers 101 Advanced

Word Keys Activities

Word Keys Activities (printable) made for the Website

Use a dictionary or picture dictionary to find words for different themes. Alphabet Themes© Beginner+

Unscramble words on the activity sheet. A picture dictionary or regular dictionary can be used to help find the theme related words. Scrambled Words© Beginner Answer Sheet©

Use this activity sheet to make a fun “word chain” list of words. Use a dictionary to help find words to complete the activity sheet. Make your own chained word list. Look for patterns in words. Chained Words© Beginner

Word Cards: Refer to the Using Word Cards© Basic and Using Specific Word Cards© Basic resources to find fun and exciting ways to use the different word cards for this theme. Print the word cards to practice working with words.

The following word cards are available:
Calendar and Number Words Cards© Basic
Homonym Words Cards© Beginner
Sight Word Cards Basic (100 words have been selected from the Sight Word List© Basic)

Word Lists: Refer to the Using Word Lists© Basic resource. The Word Lists correspond to the Word Cards listed above. Use the Calendar and Number word list to work with calendar words (days of the week and months of the year) and/or number words to one hundred. Calendar and Number Word List© Basic

Word Keys Activities taken from Internet Resources

Learn about the English spelling rules Spelling Beginner+
Learn about English punctuation rules Summary of Punctuation Beginner+

Listening Activities

Listening Activities (printable) made for the Website

Use this dictation to become familiar with the proper spelling of basic words. Sight Words Dictation© Beginner+

Use this dictation to become familiar with the proper spelling of number words.

Number Words Dictations 1 & 2© Intermediate

Listening Activities taken from Internet Resources

Choose from these listening categories to develop listening skills.
After each activity ask and answer questions with a partner.
How to Hear English Everywhere Intermediate Weekly News Online Advanced

Speaking Activities

Speaking Activities (printable) made for the Website

This Activity Sheet lists some debate topics you can try in a debate discussion with a partner or in a small group. You can discuss the topic right away or research the subject first.
Basic Skills Discussion Ideas© Intermediate+

Speaking Activities taken from Internet Resources

Note: The following activities are for beginners and varying levels

Using the resource Teaching ideas have your students look at these conversation card questions and discuss their thoughts and ideas with a partner Learning Languages.

Read tips about speaking skills and learn strategies to help practice and learn English. Speaking Skills Intermediate+

Interactive Activities

Interactive Activities created with the shareware Hot Potatoes for the Website has no copyrights for them as they can also be used freely on Internet

Note: The following activities are of the level Intermediate

Crossword Puzzle Irregular Verbs
Fill-in-the-gap Activity Can you Name the Nouns? Homonym Hunt Part 1 Homonym Hunt Part 2
Multiple-Choice Quiz Quiz on Capitalization

Interactive Activities taken from Internet Resources

Anagram Quiz Everyday Anagrams Advanced

Crossword Puzzles (level Intermediate except for Verbs #10, #11, #12, #13 – Advanced)

English Vocabulary #1 English Vocabulary #2 English Vocabulary #3 English Vocabulary #4
English Vocabulary #5 English Vocabulary #6 English Vocabulary #7 English Vocabulary #8
English Vocabulary #9 English Vocabulary #10 English Vocabulary #11
Dictation Quiz Useful Expressions Intermediate
ESL Activities Daily page Intermediate English Second Language Activities Intermediate
Fill-in-the-gap Activities Computer Assisted Writing Beginner Make your own Sentences Beginner

Flash Hangman Games (level Beginner+ except for Grammar Study – Intermediate+)

Descriptive Words (78) Fairly Commonly Used Verbs (339) Grammar Study (47)
High Frequency Words (292) Most Common Words #1 (300) Most Common Words #2 (300)
Most Common Words #3 (300) Verbs (123)

Flash Spelling Activities

Common Words #1 Beginner+ Common Words #2 Beginner+ Common Words #3 Beginner+
Commonly Spoken Words Beginner+ Contractions Beginner+ Days of the Week Beginner+
Descriptive Words/Adjectives Intermediate+ Fairly Commonly-used VerbsBeginner+ Frequently Misspelled Words High Intermediate+
Grammar Study High Advanced Homonyms Beginner+ Irregular Plurals of Nouns Intermediate+
Months of the Year Intermediate+ Numbers 0 to 10 Basic Numbers 11 to 20 Beginner+
Numbers 30, 40., 100 and 1000Intermediate+ Verbs Beginner+ Words to Describe People Intermediate+

Hidden Word Puzzle Activities

Intransitive Verbs Beginner+ Number Words Beginner+

Listen and Answer Quizzes

English High Intermediate+ Learning to Learn Advanced Weekly Activities High Intermediate+

Matching Activities

Adjectives and AdverbsIntermediate+ English Verbs Intermediate+ Prefixes Advanced+ Opposites Beginner+

Multiple-Choice Quizzes

A, An, or Nothing Basic Doing or To Do Beginner+
Read and Answer Activities Typing Practice Beginner+ and varying levels
Unscramble-the-Sentences Activity Questions Beginner+
Unscramble-the-Words Activity Common 5-Letter Words Beginner+
Writing Activity Penpals Club Varying levels
Word Study Practice Flash Cards Beginner+

Puzzles Activities

Puzzle Activities (printable) made for the Website

Print the puzzle activity sheet to find and circle words from a list.

Basic Sight Words Puzzle© Basic Days of the Week Puzzle© Beginner+
Months of the year Puzzle© Beginner+ Number Words Puzzle© Beginner+

Print the next puzzle activity sheet to find and circle words in the puzzle from a list and then try to find
the hidden message.

Knowledge Puzzle© Intermediate+
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