Financial Literacy Basics Workshop

Presented by:

Karine Villeneuve – Acting Outreach Officer (Marketing and Communications Branch)
Geneviève Clermont Financial Literacy Program Officer

Karine Villeneuve and Geneviève Clermont from The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) presented a variety of financial literacy tools, developed by the Federal government. Not only are these tools of interest to any adult at any income level, numeracy skill development is inherent in financial literacy. A ll materials are available for free in French and English and can be viewed online.

Of particular interest to our members are tools such as interactive calculators that can help learners understand how to create and maintain a budget, how to manage debt, and how to determine which bank accounts or credit cards best suit their needs.

All materials, including tip sheets and guides, are written in plain English and are suitable for a Level 2 learner. Learning Centres can consider developing a workshop for their learners or introducing the tools to their community during Financial Literacy week. Not only will the Learning Centre be a part of delivering information that is valuable to all community members (e.g. managing debt, fraud prevention), but the public relations benefit includes building awareness of the Learning Centre and the services it provides.

The FCAC provides a turn-key solution to present a Financial Basics Workshop with materials including a Presenter’s Manual, Participant’s Handbook, presentation slides, and a promotional brochure. The workshop targets young adults (19-29) and covers 6 topics: budgeting, savings, crediting, investing, fraud, and financial planning.

Kits were provided to members in attendance. The FCAC is updating these materials, which will be available later in May,and we are invited to reorder or download the new materials from their website.

Courtesy of ABC Life Literacy Canada, the QELA provided copies of Unit 1 of Money Matters entitled A Place to Start: Spending Plans. This workbook was created for adults needing to improve their Essential Skills and has the goal to increase learner confidence in dealing with personal finances and making appropriate financial decisions.

In addition, the FCAC is working on another Adult Financial Basics program which is slated for launch in Autumn 2012. The FCAC is looking for input, so if you have ideas about how these materials can be improved, please pass them on to the QELA.

The QELA is starting to plan both its Learn@Work week activities (September 17 – 21, 2012) Financial Literacy Week activities for, later in fall. We plan to incorporate the FCAC materials in a series of lunch ‘n’learn workshops to be delivered in the workplace. We are currently in discussion with CEDEC and two literacy practitioners who are interested in hosting this workshop in their communities.

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